Monday, January 6, 2014

Blog introduction in 2011

A Taiwanese female who came to the U.S. for studying and looking at the world. At 25, the age of her first snow. She has a very traditional family, but she likes to think and do everything differently.

She thinks most people have their special and unique point of views  to see what happens to this world. She believes that everyone has their own piece of Cellophane to filter the same world into dissimilar places. However, the Cellophane she has is a Blue and Purple one, she calls it Blueberry Cellophane.

This Blueberry Cellophane is not from caprice but routine. Sometimes she feels peaceful and quiet just like the color blue, other times she feels messy and imperfect just like the color purple.

That’s exactly what she says: “ I don’t want you to know me but you can try to“ ….That’s the beginning of this Blueberry Cellophane journey…..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Some images from 2012

Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012 @Savannah, GA

Summer, 2012 @NYC

Summer, 2012 @Stone Mountain, GA

Photography: Yuchieh Liu

Friday, May 25, 2012's Summer!!

I consider I'm a summer person!
It's time to adventure.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Addiction

It's the first time I found out Fall can be so attractive since I was born in a country where doesn't have instinctive four seasons.

I enjoy this Fall at Atlanta so much, everything is so peaceful and thankful to my eyes!

Happy Holidays :)

photographer: YuChieh Liu

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Miss You So Badly

ChiuFen, Taiwan

I miss you so badly.
The first time I got this feeling when I came to the United States.
In Mandarin, we say that is "returning home with perplexed feeling."
I will go back to have a break during this coming winter holidays,
It should be all excited, but somehow anxious.
I learned this idiom when I was very young.
I cannot totally understand it until now.

Photographer: YuChieh Liu, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

再見了, 阿法迪斯! Goodbye A-Hair-Deus!

Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) is one of my favorite Taiwanese singers.
He is not only a singer but also a good composer who wrote many popular songs in teenage and young adult generations in Taiwan, even China.

I translated one song of Crowd Lu's latest album which released on 15th July, 2011, called "再見了, 阿法迪斯! Goodbye A-Hair-Deus!"

I really like this song, so I translated it for fun and introduce it to some friends who don't speak Mandarin Chinese.

Actually the song is written by Crowd Lu's memory of his hair. However, it touches me in a different way since it reminds me of many lost which include many categories...

Now, listen to it, and write me your feeling about this song below!!! 
Hope you enjoy it as well   :)

English Version- Goodbye A-Hair-Deus 
(Translated by YuChieh Liu)

The horizen is too far to be seem
My hair is too long and it really needs to be cut

The scissor opened their arms
I wanna tell my lover goodbye

My hair is a little bit dark
But it can protect me from ultraviolet rays

Golden or Pink
Green is very pretty as well
But unfortunately, I cannot see you turning that ways in the future

Goodbye A-Hair-Deus goodbye
Pillow and I will be here waiting for you

However, where is my lost friend?
Is he drunk now or turning into the ocean?

Goodbye A-Hair-Deus goodbye
My regret will only have stayed for a week
Finally, it will take my devil smile and soul away 
And fly...

A-Hair-Deus goodbye
Bye bye

Chinese Version (Written by Crowd Lu 盧廣仲)

看不到地平線 頭髮太長要剪
剪刀張開雙臂 再見了心愛欸

我頭髮有點黑 阻擋好多紫外線
金色還是粉紅色 亞麻的綠色也美

再見了阿法迪斯 Goodbye
你失去的同伴現在 會在喝酒還是變成了海

再見了阿法迪斯 Goodbye
帶走我微笑邪惡的靈魂 飛
阿法迪斯 Goodbye
Bye Bye

Photographer:  YuChieh Liu